Ask participants to rate the date, location, speakers, vendors, and catering of the event. This helps you identify and address any problem areas. Here at KodoSurvey, we define single-choice questions as those that ask the respondent to choose one answer from a number of alternatives. It should also include questions about the pre-training phase. Closed-ended questions include yes/no questions and any question with one definite right answer. A 1 to 5 option (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) with 1 = unacceptable … Did the workshop give you ideas on how to get involved in violence prevention in your community? Please explain. Can you determine the ROI of your training and development? (Open-ended: Provide space for a written answer), “Did the course meet your expectations?” Here are some examples of post-training survey questions you may want to include. Even if they’re satisfied with all of the conditions, maybe there’s something you could’ve done to make it easier or better. Naturally, you did your best to make it a night to remember for everyone involved. This popular training evaluation model has four levels of learning evaluation: Post-training surveys can help you meet the Kirkpatrick Level 1 evaluation goal, Reaction, by measuring the participant’s reaction to the training they received. Join our team on Kiva. Is so, please explain.”, “Please rate the quality of the multimedia (audio, video, and animation)”, “In what ways could the multimedia used on this course be improved. The answers to these types of questions will be based on what the survey-taker things or feels. Rate the quality of the course materials. A good survey question is asked in a precise way at the right stage in the buyer’s journey to give you solid data about your customers’ needs and drives. So, it might be useful in terms of your future events to find out whether your event organization met their expectations. This question is also particularly useful if you’re having multiple-day events, as it allows you to receive feedback after each day and make the necessary improvements for the next day. (Closed question, yes/no), “Did you find any aspect of the course unclear or confusing? Row They help you gain specific data about the participants or certain areas of the course. We’ll start the list of post event survey questions with some universal questions that can be used for almost any type of public events. Avoid specialized language, buzzwords, jargon and questions that are too wordy or complicated. Here ar… (Open-ended question, provide space for an answer). For example, a post-training survey for a GROW coaching course might be: “Which characteristic should employee goals NOT have?”, A. (Rating question, out of 5 stars), “Why did the course content meet or not meet your expectations?” That being said, we have prepared 21 post-event survey questions to make it easier for you to obtain feedback after any public event from everyone involved. Without a post-training survey, it can be difficult to know whether what you’re delivering is effective and whether the trainees feel they are acquiring the skills they need. Workshop Evaluation Form. Enabling post meeting feedback survey Account. Yes No 3. How do you think the course could have been improved? Regardless of the type of training you offer, all courses have the same basic goal; to help learners develop new skills and implement them as soon as possible. Please rate this workshop in terms of meeting your needs or expectations. Your feedback and comments will help shape and strengthen future workshops. +46 40-6435130 Now that we have used Kodo for a while, we see how easy it is to follow the learning impact and transfer of learning to the workplace. 3. Your post conference survey questions aren’t something you just have to do in order to avoid feeling guilty—like scraping off a plate for a leftover meal.Your survey is a part of the event. Section I: Workshop Evaluation One face is the lowest score and five faces are the highest. (Likert 5-scale) They let you gain valuable feedback from the participants and understand whether the training was successful. With the right event surveys (pre-event, to mid-event, and post-event surveys) you'll get the event feedback you need to know what worked and plan the next event. Open-ended questions Here are some examples of each of these types of questions that you may find in a post-training survey. This is true of any event – after you’re done hosting it, you’d like to get feedback on how it went. We suggest two ways to do this. Your input is valuable to us as we plan future workshops. It’s available to users on a free trial too! Post-Workshop Survey Please take a few minutes to complete this post-workshop survey. Once again, I’m bringing up the importance of client retention. If you’ve ever been handed a ‘smile sheet’ after a training session, you’ll be familiar with rating questions. Please elaborate.”, Learning Management System (LMS) experience, “How would you rate your experience with multimedia on the course?”, “How helpful did you find the multimedia on this course?”, “Did you experience any technical issues? C. Attainable Your survey should be … are an indispensable part of running a successful training course. Realistic Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing technique so make sure to check whether the participants would recommend you to their colleagues, friends, and family. Get in touch with us today to get a free demo of Kodo Survey. Overall, the most important tip is to continually test your questions on friends, colleagues, and coworkers to ensure that everyone interprets the questions in the same way. They work well if you want to know specific things about the course and the trainees. 2. Please explain. Reality Kick off your survey … be familiar with all the nuts and bolts of the event organization, so they are your best source for learning more about the organization-related stuff. Its purpose is to assess students’ perceptions of changes in their knowledge and skills, personal attributes, or impact on … We would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to share your opinions with us so we can serve you better. (Open-ended question), “Rate the quality of the course content” We hope that our guide to writing effective post-training survey questions will help you write some of your own. (Open-ended question). Sent by mail/email for the trainees to complete and return by a given date Why not? Content Questions [This section is designed to capture changes in knowledge levels. E. Don’t know, “What does the ‘R’ in the acronym GROW stand for?”, A. “How would you rate your experience with multimedia on the course?” Talking to everyone involved would be too time-consuming, bothersome, and even a bit pushy. In this question, options A-D look equally likely to be correct for someone who hasn’t taken the training. Be concise. You can modify the content based on group size, your Do you know what you pay for? 7 questions to ask your event attendees. Why? Single-choice and multiple choice questions 2. Do you plan to engage in further training in this area? There are two types of survey questions: objective and subjective. Did you find the workshop helpful to you personally? E. Don’t know. The problem is, it can be tricky to know which questions to include and how to phrase them. “Did the training meet your expectations?”. Your email address will not be published. Your feedback is important to us. Keep it short. Write in a simple, conversational tone. If you are using a Learning Management System (LMS) to facilitate the question, it’s worth asking participants for feedback on this aspect of the training. Here are some of the training survey questions you should consider asking (of course, don’t use all of them in a single survey): A variety of learners will be taking the survey, so make sure the questions are understood by all. Likert scale questions are a popular alternative to single-choice and multiple choice questions. Let’s imagine you’ve just thrown a big party for your friends and colleagues. Types of post training survey questions. “How engaging was the course instructor?” The replies given by the trainees give a very good idea about their level of satisfaction with the course and help to determine the solutions to specific problems. Assign a number between one and five to answer the following questions with one being the lowest score and five being the highest. Imagine you are chatting with a colleague or coworker; how would you phrase the questions? There are a number of possible ways to have respondents answer questions. Section I: Workshop Evaluation Section II: Outcome Evaluation We ask that you take a moment to provide your feedback. D. Red Presented below is an example of the type of questions that trainees could be asked. One of the most well-known models is the, Single-choice and multiple choice questions. What additional learning modules would you like to see included in the course? To evaluate the effectiveness of the workshop, we ask for your assistance in completing this evaluation. Was this the first time you attended this training (Yes/no). D. Realistic Your participation will allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of the different formats and themes, and help build upon and guide the selection of topics at next year's "Teaching Systems Biology" workshop. If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to collect post event feedback – look no more! To answer this correctly, respondents would need to select A, B, and D, making it a multiple choice question. If you notice, Kodo Survey includes a “Don’t know” option by default on all single-choice and multiple choice questions to dissuade respondents from guessing the correct answer. Are you likely to participate in one of our events in the future? Plus, a recommendation from somebody who already spoke at one of your events would make them much more likely to accept the invitation to take part in some of your next events. Maximize public participation in future events by finding out what keeps people coming back for more. Ratings questions 4. For this type of post-event survey questions, you might want to consider using Likert scale-type questions. Workshop Evaluation example. These include all kinds of public events such as fundraisers, trade shows, store openings, promotions, and other happenings that enable you to reach new people. We would like you to enter your name below. Instead, you should also use them to gather useful information for your next conference. Post-training survey questions to ask. Post-training surveys are especially effective when you use them as part of a model for assessing training effectiveness. Ask follow up questions about the most important aspects of the event, like the keynote speaker. If you create a pool of sponsors and partners who will take part in most of your events, you’ll make things much easier for yourself, in terms of future events organization. Now we’ve looked at the types of post-training survey questions and the range of responses, you’re ready to start writing your own. It’s their opinion, based on what they think, feel or believe. Post-event survey questions shouldn’t be just about assessing your last conference. Secondly, make the content look equally plausible to avoid a situation where the answer is obvious. A post-training survey shouldn’t focus only on the course. Post event survey questions are used by event professionals to analyze an event's success. Some courses are built with solid training materials but suffer from a confusing structure or poor delivery. (Rating question), “In what ways could the multimedia used on this course be improved. Single-choice and multiple choice questions are a common format for many post-training surveys because they limit the number of possible answers and this makes the survey data easier to analyze and work with. This will give you high-quality data that you can use to enhance the training. Nobody likes having their time wasted. While you want to obtain feedback that is granular enough to be useful, you don’t want … (Rating question, out of 5 stars), “Did the course delivery meet your expectations?” Even if you pose this as a single-choice or multiple choice question with a range of answers (such as below expectation, met expectations, exceeded expectations), the respondent’s answers couldn’t be factually verified. Did the course meet your expectations? Do you think the event … This is especially true for companies following the Kirkpatrick training evaluation model as Level 2, Learning, explicitly looks at this area. Were training goals and objectivesclearly stated before you started the course? One of the most areas of post-training survey feedback is asking the participants what they thought of the course content. (Rating question, out of 5), “Did you find the content easy to understand?” This gives you ideas about ways you can improve the content for future training sessions. “Did the training cover the content you were expecting?” In fact, Forrester Research has found that acquiring new clients can cost up to 5x more than retaining current clients. Copyright © 2021 LeadQuizzes. Pay special attention to the conference timetable. We’ll start the list of post event survey questions with some universal questions that can be used for almost any type of public events. Please provide details. It is also the most important aspect when it comes to creating a post-training evaluation questionnaire. He ensures we're always on the edge and provides thought-leadership in the area of training effectiveness and learning transfer. Question Type: NPS. Dig into the specifics here. C. Realistic State your questions in the simplest possible way, with the fewest number of words. If you know anything about customer retention, you know that it’s generally much easier to get a current participant to take part in another one of your events than to convince a new person to attend. This encourages respondents to select this option instead of guessing the answer to the question. B. Attainable Volunteers and other organizational staff represent the backbone of your event. When planning a workshop evaluation, you need to keep in mind that a cutting edge workshop is expected to; Collect individual action plans and end workshop surveys from every participant. (Likert 5-scale), “Was there any content you were expecting but was missing? These are: Here are some examples of each of these types of questions that you may find in a post-training survey. This reduces the chance that respondents will interpret the questions in different ways. If you still need additional help conducting your post-event surveys, we’ve prepared a detailed guide on how to create a survey. Event surveys unveil what went well, to replicate at future events, and what to change. Why don’t you create your own survey right now? Post-training surveys are an indispensable part of running a successful training course. How satisfied were you with the event? Above, we’ve presented you with 21 sample post-event survey questions to obtain feedback after your next big event, be it a conference, seminar, fundraiser or any other type of public event. He has always aimed for student-centered programmes with high impact learning. What was the quality of the course materials? Check if that’s the case with yours. The questions are the same on Feedback survey questions after an event can be tricky, as you need to strike a balance between keeping things simple (so you get a good response rate) and asking questions that lead to actionable insights. 2. (Open-ended question). Yes No 4. An example of an objective question would be: “Over the past year, roughly how many training sessions have you attended?”. Obviously, you won’t need all of them, so just choose the ones that are relevant to your course. A post-pre survey is one of a number of tools that can be used to evaluate the impact of an instructional intervention (a course, program, workshop, etc.). For instance: “Employees should be guided to pick goals that have which of the following characteristics?”, A. Meaningful input from students is essential for improving courses. Yes No 2. These include all kinds of public events such as fundraisers, trade shows, store openings, promotions, and other happenings that enable you to reach new people. (Closed question: Yes/No), “If yes, what were your expectations of the course?” Closed-ended questions 5. That’s why you should try to discover how many people would attend another one of your events in the future. How would you rate the pre-training preparation? (Open-ended question, provide space for an answer), “Please rate the quality of the multimedia (audio, video, and animation)” Post-event surveys shouldn’t be only about what you need to improve – they also help you identify what you did right. Event feedback survey questions are survey questions asked after an event has concluded to the attendees to understand their opinions about the event. These questions can help you determine whether the delivery and structure were an issue for your training. “Did you have clear expectations for the course?” Post-training surveys are the best way of enhancing your training and ensuring that it fulfills its goals and offers value for money. Most training instructors run pre- and post-training assessments to measure whether learning took place on the course. You should consider leaving this one open-ended. Please elaborate.” Ideally, speakers want to be able to deliver their message and share their knowledge with no major detractions. (Single-choice: Slow, Medium, Fast, Don’t know) Test your survey Your responses to this survey will be kept confidential. Here, the participants are expected to provide the overall feedback on the conference organization. Specific Workshop survey template offers 10 customizable questions which can be asked to the attendees after or before conducting a workshop. A Yazamo Product. Speakers usually have a rich network of colleagues and professionals so their performance at your event could be an opportunity for you to further expand your own network and recruit presenters for your future events.

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