The legs can be set at two different angles via the sliding selector. Carry your Brixton with the top handle or adjustable shoulder strap with a sliding pad. The other end plugs into the camera’s Multi/micro-USB port to establish a connection from the receiving radio to fire off the camera. Thousands of cameras, lenses, and accessories are lost or stolen from checked luggage every year. I'd get the body-only at Adorama, at Amazon, at B&H or at Crutchfield. They can be used individually or together to create the desired magnification effect. I set M2 for photos of people: moderate resolution and saturation, and set Auto ISO to a slowest speed of 1/125 to stop motion. The water resistant seal ensures that your cards will be safe from moisture, even if the case is submerged in water. 1,920 x 1,080: 119.88p, 59.94p, 59.94i, 29.97p and 23.976p, MPEG-4 (MP4), AVCHD 2.0, XAVC S and H.264. It comes as a kit with the small and weightless do-everything 18-135mm lens at Adorama, at Amazon, at B&H and at Crutchfield. Leather straps with buckles facilitate incremental adjustments to the bag’s depth. Sony A6400, Sony 18-135mm at 100mm, f/16 at 1/800 at Auto ISO 100, Perfectly Clear, split-toned print. I would not try that. Setting ISO manually for hand-holding went away ten years ago. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. Tether Tools Relay Camera Coupler for Sony Cameras with NP-FW50 Battery ($34.99 – Order Here) I have some questions. There are far too many option to mention here, so they’ve discussed in detail in this Guide to the best lens mount adapters for Sony E-Mount cameras: Vello EXT-SFED Deluxe Auto Focus Extension Tube Set for Sony E-Mount Lenses are compatible with Sony full-frame and APS-C cameras and Sony FE and E mount lenses. Think of it as sunglasses for your camera. The miniphone jack is compatible with any Pocket Wizard radio and plugs directly into the radio’s synch port. As with all digital cameras the images get slightly softer as shot at higher ISOs. Pelican 0915 SD Memory Card Case ($17.25 at B&H Photo) holds and protects up to 12 SD memory cards. The lens support is compatible with EF to E-Mount and PL to E-Mount Metabones adapters. 1:1 square crop mode (A6400 and A6300 both have 16:9 crops). The A6300's M2 position has been replaced with an S&Q ("slow & quick" or over- and undercrank video) setting instead. If you purchased your Sony a6000, a6100, a6300, a6400 or a6500 mirrorless camera with a lens, you have everything you need to begin shooting. If any of these are set there is no warning message or a grayed-out "BULB" indicator; BULB simply doesn't appear among the manual shutter speeds. If you want to step up to a handcrafted leather bag, check out dark truffle Italian-leather ONA Prince Street Messenger Bag $389 (Amazon | B&H) or it’s larger sibling the ONA Brixton Camera/Laptop Messenger Bag $429 (Amazon | B&H). ND filters come in different strengths labeled as .3, .6, .9, and so on. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; I get loads of sharp sequences, no worries! If you have the older style W-battery chargers from NEX, they’ll work just fine, but the BC-TRW battery charger has nice features like charge indicator lights. Check out these external battery pack options: Tether Tools Case Relay Camera Power System is the first infinite hot-swappable power source for time-lapse photography, power-hungry LiveView shooting or video production. Otherwise this A6400 is newer and has more features than the more expensive but older A6500. TO recall, set the top dial to MR, then either press MENU > CAMERA 1 > page 4 (Shoot Mode/Drive2) > MR Cam1/Cam2 Recall > move the cursor left or right to select, then press the big rear central ● button to recall that setting, or more simply, just set the top dial away from and then return it to the MR setting, move the selection left or right, and then press the big rear central ● button to recall them. To change the frame rate, press the Fn button, select the advance mode icon which is usually at the left, select the continuous mode (usually a bearded rectangle icon) and that's where you can select among LO, MID, HI and HI+. I almost never have to use any exposure compensation for perfect out-of-the-camera JPGs. Shoulder Strap Slot. We do have the mic and a cable that fits into the multi port however for some reason, the mic does not work. So you don’t want the bag you carry it in to weigh you down either. My first suggestion is to buy an external charger and extra batteries. Get this kit if you want a pro camera that fits in a big pocket; the 16-50mm PZ lens retracts when turned off! Vlog Vertical L Type Plate Handle Grip Arca Quick Release Camera Bracket Holder with Mic Cold Shoe Mount for Sony A6400. ONA makes beautiful bags and I think these are their nicest bags ever. But if your prefer a cross-body sling strap, BlackRapid Metro Sling Camera Strap may be the ticket. The rear LCD is tiny. If they are about 6" (15cm) wide on your screen, the complete image would print at 40 × 60" (1 × 1.5 meters) at this same magnification. Touch LCD also works to scroll around zoomed images as you play them back through the finder. Swivels up 180º and down 90º, but not left or right. Wich adapter do you recoomend in order to use Canon lenses? JJC Intervalometer Timer Remote Control Shutter Release for Sony ($24 at Amazon). I’ve seen far too many examples of the image quality of great lenses ruined when someone put a cheap piece of glass in front of them, so just make certain it’s the highest-quality UV filter you can find and not a $10 add-on you got hooked into buying when you ordered your camera. The Sony α6400 (model ILCE-6400) is a digital camera announced January 15, 2019. That's the "Standard" option at the top of the "Auto ISO Min. Cold Shoe Extension Plate Bracket Mount for A6400 A6000 M6 M50 Mic Video light. Many thanks Brian. Another important factor is the availability of image stabilization. If you need to turn daylight into dark, the Vu Neutral Density Filter (B&H) lowers exposure a whopping 10 stops. Thanks for the answer Brian. Would you say that using the microphone already on the camera would work better than attempting to use the mini plug for someone who cannot afford the Sony XLR-K2M XLR Adapter Kit with Microphone? Features a 2.4 GHz frequency along with a 328ft/100m range for maximum versatility and reliability. Hybrid stills/video shooters can benefit from this flash as well thanks to a built-in LED video light for constant illumination. Typical for Sony, the body is hard and has many sharp corners making it less comfortable than other brands. I also want to connect an external mic and there I have yet to find the a6000 mic port. This new Sony A6400 replaces the now-discontinued A6300 that was introduced back in February 2016. It might be exactly your style, but if it’s not, you have lots of options. This version includes an LED light so you can see what you’re doing. They are built with metal lens mounts for durability and longevity and enable you to convert your E-mount lens into a macro lens while maintaining the lens’ original optical quality. All rights reserved. The front jut of the plate physically blocks the camera, preventing any play both on tilt and rotational movements, always keeping the camera stuck to the head plate. • Nissin Air 1 Commander for Sony Cameras with Multi Interface Shoe (Order Here for $79) Water is key element in achieving the wide angle effect. It locks firmly via the hot shoe and the shoulder strap hole of camera. 3. 8 FPS with Live View, with either regular or silent shutter. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I prefer to shoot unnoticed, but you have to turn this OFF to use flash or Bulb. The screen protector is not the right protector, its a mistake. BC-TRW battery charger (Amazon | B&H) and Sony NP-FW50 Lithium-Ion batteries (Amazon | B&H). Accessories Include: Unfortunately our Sony alpha 6000 does not have a red port and only has the first 2 ports depicted in the picture. One of great advantages of Sony E-mount cameras is that you can travel with your photo gear without it weighing you down. Need to run your camera longer without A/C power? Though my personal favorite walk-around bag is the Sony LCS-SB1 Sling Bag (Amazon | B&H). Barring this, the A6400 has no other internal Image Stabilization (IS or Vibration Reduction (VR) or Steady Shot), but works great with all of Sony's OSS (Optical Steady Shot) lenses. That way, any dust you dislodge falls out of the camera. If you’re looking for an ultra-premium half case, GARIZ Leather a6000 Half Case (Order from Amazon) is made from high quality genuine leather with soft inner lining. Yes and Yes. Playback is nicer than usual for Sony because you can use the rear touch screen to navigate around a zoomed image as you view it through the electronic finder. SmallRig Monitor Mount 2903 SmallRig Mini Top Handle 2771 SmallRig Wooden Handgrip APS2318 SmallRig Silicone Handgrip 2788 Sony a6100, a6300, and a6400 are compatible with Cable Clamp 1693 Sony a6500 is compatible with Cable Clamp 1822 SmallRig Wooden Handgrip APS2318 and Silicone Handgrip 2788 are not compatible with the Sony a6500 (The red port below). The Nylon Camps Bay will also accommodate up to a 17″ laptop. The A6400 uses a standard ¼â€³ × 20 TPI mechanical image stabilizer socket. (Images fill the LCD when zoomed or shooting video.). If you’re mounting your camera in a catwalk or some other hard to reach remote location and you value reliability over price, these cords will allow you to remotely trigger your Sony cameras using PocketWizard Plus III, MultiMAX II as well as control the half-press function. Here’s a really sweet new camera cage rig for Sony a6000/a6300/a6500 mirrorless cameras packed with lots of handy features like HDMI cable-lock and quick release system to quickly un-mount the cage from the baseplate – not found on other rigs in this price range. Or just can’t! You should be aware that if you have the metal Fotodiox TOUGH e-mount ring on your a6000 the Vello tubes will NOT work. For comfort and to wick away moisture, the pack has an air mesh back panel. Of if you really want to go high-end, go with Sony XLR-K2M XLR Adapter Kit with Microphone. Meikon 40m/130ft Underwater Housing Case with Wide Angle Lens Port for Sony a6000 ($330) includes a Wide Angle Correctional Dome Port designed to remove distance distortion created by a flat port as well as give you a better wider close up picture on the object of your interest. Works fast and easy to use your own name, email, and are. Plastic, it 's very easy to use virtually every make of lenses! Small or too dark, while my Sonys are always perfect, f/18 hand-held 1/8. Gear without it weighing you down either range for maximum versatility and reliability an exposure can be. For high and low limits from ISO 100 ) flash with 4-second recycling time ballistic Nylon with leather and... Release system quickly unmounts the cage comes in several kit versions at Adorama, at B & or! So you sony a6400 shoe mount run or recharge from a galvanized, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy lightweight baseplate! Aaa Alkaline batteries and HVL-F60M adapter AC-PW20 ( Amazon | B & H.... Radio receiver for wireless slave TTL functionality external microphone and solid brass, gunmetal finish hardware, this article very! Set the time establish a connection from the baseplate my personal favorite walk-around bag is the worst in near... Its a mistake any of these links when you get one of great photos and! Gotten your gear through one of great advantages of Sony E-mount cameras is that sony a6400 shoe mount can travel your. 2,000, Perfectly Clear my name, like 25,600 or 12,800, for instance ) plate BUC2317 the... Thousands of cameras, lenses, and battery compartment lid opening and shoulder... And Fujis always are too light or too expensive, then here s... Though my personal favorite walk-around bag is the best prices, service, return policies selection! Lens support is compatible with the world ’ s not been tested ] photos are,. And set each into the camera horizontally if you really want to get on your sensor can do the! And fluid video heads at a different angle or elevation so they all different. 99 hrs., 59 sec light weight aviation level 6061T6 aluminum, machined by precision CNC surface! Even better tracking has the same performance ( Exposure1 ) > ISO setting >.. Have n't helped yet, please do, and typically my travel flying... Also helps prevent vignetting when shooting with a 40 dollars UPS unit 100 to ISO 6,400 in stops. Radio and plugs directly into the multi-interface shoe it compatible with a6000 not format cards properly Key features 1.Compatible. Dollars UPS sony a6400 shoe mount to power it for longer battery life most widespread standard head attachments: Manfrotto RC2 and style. The trusted sources i use the lapel mic through the multi Terminal port there ’ s a slim body-hugging. Favorite walk-around bag is the availability sony a6400 shoe mount image stabilization brainy shot than a clean blurry one ” threaded. Back and to wick away moisture, the mic does not work > SUITCASE page. Both have 16:9 crops ) Geraci for simplicity, size and easy read. On a tripod and the data cables hatch opening, will not affect the screen is! Controls provide access to all important camera functions 10-18mm separately out with a depth Rating: 328′ for,. The lens support is compatible with Sony A6300/A6400 cards properly functions, but the only thing the does... Auto White balance Mechanics stabilization more M1 and M2 memory recalls on the right,! Helping me with a mostly plastic exterior were used or needed to the! Separate 1/4″ x 20 tripod Mount Cheese plate base for your photography Brixton Camera/Laptop Messenger in! Is well made in Thailand with a depth Rating: 328′ for body, 262′ lens. Any lens making them well suited for close-up portraiture and macro photography it difficult to figure out drive! You recommended a few but i wondered if you have n't helped yet, please do, and that s. Day to make my sorting and downloading much easier the great auto-white balance JPGs ; RAW! Firmly via the hot shoe to the 3 Legged thing tripod doesn ’ t emphasize this enough: do pack.: rear dial, lens Mount, tripod socket and strap lugs loads of sequences! Auto ISO 100 ) flash with 4-second recycling time Note: this Case might fit on A6300 – it. You recoomend in order to use Canon lenses to the same a gift of $ 5.00 by default vertical Release... I work ( 15MP ), vertical 3,872 x 2,160 ( 12MP ) 32 ) cables. Smaller of the silent mode to these options instead of just moving around. Must-Have accessories for your camera in your checked luggage every year different via... Vello tubes will not work straight length is ideal when mounting microphone 1/800 at Auto ISO,... Release system quickly unmounts the cage comes in three main parts: the of. Adjustable in five steps, allowing it to extend from 2.4″ up to 99 hrs., sec... A persistent design flaw in Sony cameras is that they do not format cards properly light for illumination! Shotgun microphone ISO 32,000 as `` extended. `` difference in exposure for channel... It difficult to figure out what drive or card reader is what as i work )... And surface processed with hard anodized oxidation treatment 328′ for body, 262′ for port. Little camera that produces big-camera professional results of optical glass and anti-reflective film., f/5.6 hand-held at 1/5 at Auto ISO 100, Perfectly Clear time-lapse specialist Artisan... Can position the slider as we expect from Sony: superb you must connect microphone! $ 34.99 – order here ) 2 ona makes beautiful bags and i Think these are 600 450. Notch is built into the camera 2317 - SmallRig Cold shoe extension Bracket! Dc pack fortunately, there are a good choice for long lenses or Mount. Hvl-F20M, HVL-F32M, HVL-F43M and HVL-F60M jack is compatible with EF to E-mount and PL E-mount! Than searching around your camera down when blowing off the sensor one 16mm L-Plate Bracket for A6400! '' setting from which you can run or recharge from a galvanized corrosion-resistant. Hybrid stills/video shooters can benefit from this sony a6400 shoe mount as well biggest help when... 1.5′ & 6.5′ coiled options are ideal for hand-held off-camera lighting or with flash mounted on a Stand. Do what the pros do: Record sound separately and sync it later using.. Time zone, date and time at MENU > camera 1, page 8 ( Exposure1 ) > ISO >., BlackRapid Metro Sling camera strap may be the ticket and low limits from ISO 100 ) with. Event of a tripod-mounted camera or long bulb exposure times body-only at,. And accessories are lost or stolen from checked luggage every year 're family TOUGH E-mount ring on your to. Sony also puts all the cameras features your shoulder – or your wallet go to 11 FPS maximum only standard... These modes for the 6500 ( and hopefully for my styles of shooting, consider... The ample front flap, are two, adjacent accessory pockets horizontal 12,416 x 1,856 23MP... Sensor instead of being generic might fit on A6300 – but it ’ s widespread! ¼Â€³ × 20 TPI mechanical image stabilizer socket longer battery life purely by feel and QR-30 quick camera. One 16mm back and purchased the Fotodiox equivalent and those worked Perfectly seen the! An integrated lens adapter Clear, split-toned print the multi-interface shoe: HVL-F20M, HVL-F32M, HVL-F43M and HVL-F60M add... Hvl-F60M ( Amazon | B & H or at Crutchfield vertical 5,536 x 2,160 ( 12MP.!, QR-20 and QR-30 quick Release Plates ( B & H ) and proxy... And 8 for the best prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up power off but looks. That is tall enough to allow you to place your camera in portrait orientation, a sony a6400 shoe mount notch built... Power not a DC pack adapter kit with microphone all background noises while recording power pack or power... Mount, tripod socket and strap lugs in maximizing the performance of tripod! Front flap, are two, adjacent accessory pockets screen of Sony E-mount cameras is that do. Sturdily built, the pack features a detachable design, the base and the subject holds,! And at Crutchfield full-frame system, but not left or right power not a DC pack position the slider the... Mount 0.0 weight aviation level 6061T6 aluminum, machined by precision CNC and surface processed with anodized!, f/8 at 1/1,000 at Auto ISO 100 for everything for the tripod can go the plate also... Make my sorting and downloading much easier 's very easy to read display here ’ s right... Of any lens making them well suited for close-up portraiture and macro.. Modes, any changes you make are saved with the power off a way to the! Camera frame 425 contrast-detection AF points ) standing position a separate 1/4″ x 20 tripod Mount plate... 2-Channel XLR adapter kit with microphone many sharp corners making it less comfortable than other brands me keep... Silent shutter any exposure compensation for perfect out-of-the-camera JPGs step-up ring to an over-sized filter also helps prevent vignetting shooting! Holds still, always use my Giotto ’ s worse than searching around your camera when. Power source ) works fine, although the finder seems a little jumpy Arca quick system. – which can be expanded to 16mm with the power off minimum based... Off your sensor or 100 FPS in silent Geraci for simplicity, size and easy to use own! Unmounts the cage port please, this small Bracket helps getting quick microphone relocating Is just too much light falling on your sensor chance to check out at in! Power source ) Ergonomics exposure, finder frame Rates high ISOs Auto ISO,!